Tour Albany Creek Little Gems

Outdoor play area – 2 large yards that can be combined into one large playground. Includes water play areas, sandpits, climbing ropes, slides, rope ladders, bike paths, climbing equipment, mud pit, yarning circle, monkey bars, cubby fort and real grass!!


Mud play

Our little gems love mud play. Our playground has a specially designed mud play area that caters to all the important benefits mud play has to offer.

Sleeping outside

Outside sleeping can increase children’s brain, bone and muscular development, along with their social and emotional well-being. It offers so many benefits and when possible our children love to sleep outdoors.

Garbage truck weekly visits.

At Little Gems we are lucky to have links within the community. Each week the children get excited when the bin man comes to empty the bins at the vets next door. One week they kindly gave us some model trucks, stickers and other little goodies. The Cleanaway drivers always put smiles on our children’s faces by simply taking the time to give them a wave and a toot of the horn.

Story telling.

Outside we set up reading opportunities for the children to work on their language development with educators. Often you will see educators reading stories, felt stories and puppet play.

Special human animal relationships in education program
Every Wednesday we participate in the S.H.A.R.E ( special human animal relationships in education) reading dogs programs.
Each week we are very lucky to be visited by Tina and Toby the reading dog. This program aims to motivate and encourage children in literacy skills. Our Little Gems are loving their visits with Tina who reads us stories while also getting some cuddles from Toby.

Watch this space – More information coming soon

Lion Heart Sport- Every Monday and Wednesday

Lionheart Sports has 12 different sports that are rotated fortnightly so the children won’t play the same sport twice in one semester. The children will learn different skills and rules for each sport every week, as well as revising skills from previous weeks and playing with their friends!

Happy Feet- Every Tuesday

At Happy Feet Fitness, children are welcomed into an environment where we encourage a growth mindset, an appreciation of health and an active lifestyle. We also provide them with educational content that broadens their horizons and equips them with the confidence they need to navigate through life. Our aim is to provide the most efficient, friendly and hassle-free service possible. We take having fun seriously! Happy Feet Fitness instructors appreciate a great time, but always have the intended impact and holistic growth of your children in mind. 

Billy’s Buddies- Every Wednesday

We are a Ball Sports Program for kids aged 2-7 and are the home of Non-Contact Rugby League for children. At Billy’s Buddies, we love all sports, not just Rugby League. Our Programs emphasize having fun and encourage children to develop their social skills all whilst at the same time, teaching them the fundamentals of not only Rugby League, but ball sports in general. Like Billy, we want all of our children to become great team players and learn the importance of teamwork.