Tour Albany Creek Little Gems

Outdoor play area – 2 large yards that can be combined into one large playground. Includes water play areas, sandpits, climbing ropes, slides, rope ladders, bike paths, climbing equipment, mud pit, yarning circle, monkey bars, cubby fort and real grass!!


Mud play

Our little gems love mud play. Our playground has a specially designed mud play area that caters to all the important benefits mud play has to offer.

Sleeping outside

Outside sleeping can increase children’s brain, bone and muscular development, along with their social and emotional well-being. It offers so many benefits and when possible our children love to sleep outdoors.

Garbage truck weekly visits.

At Little Gems we are lucky to have links within the community. Each week the children get excited when the bin man comes to empty the bins at the vets next door. One week they kindly gave us some model trucks, stickers and other little goodies. The Cleanaway drivers always put smiles on our children’s faces by simply taking the time to give them a wave and a toot of the horn.

Watch this space – More information coming soon

Music Monsters

Music Monsters is holding weekly classes at Little Gems, with a qualified piano, musical theatre and singing teacher. Miss Angie, will be conducting these classes every Friday from 2pm.


Happy Feet, Mini pro tennis, Billys buddies and Lion heart sports are some of our other incursions also available at the centre.