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Staff at Little Gems Early Learning Maryborough

Tiffany – Director – In Child Care Since 2015 – Certificate III Qualified

My name is Tiffany, I am the Director at Little Gems Child Care & Early Learning Centre. I enjoy spending time with my son, Jasper,  and in my spare time you will find me watching trashy reality TV. I am currently studying my Diploma of Early Childhood. I was born in Maryborough however I spent my younger years travelling with my mum and sister in a kombi van ‘Karl’.  Karl took us around Australia where I was lucky enough to visit many beautiful places and meet many amazing people from all walks of life. There are still two places in Australia I would like to tick off my bucket list and that is Uluru and Tasmania. I believe that all children are of equal importance and all deserve and need to be loved and supported so that they can learn and grow into the best version of themselves. I look forward to working with all our Little Gems families, children and staff.

Caterpillars Room – 6 weeks to 15 months

April – Educator –  In Child Care Since 2012 – Diploma Qualified

My name is April, I was raised in Maryborough and am a local. I went to Aldridge State High School and finished in 2011, where I then ventured into starting my Diploma of Early Childhood in 2012 and completed my studies late 2014. I am a huge animal lover and I own quite a few fur babies of my own, which are Pilot the Husky and Theo & Hamish, which are both rescue cats. I also love to give back to the less fortunate animals by volunteering and supporting my local animal refuge. My hobbies include art, photography, beauty, fitness, exploring and spending time with those I love. I have been working in the childcare industry for about 4 years and I am more than thankful to have the privilege of working with such a wonderful team here at Little Gems. I have a lot of beliefs when it comes to childcare and how we should educate children. I strongly believe that children are very intelligent, imaginative and creative beings and with the proper education, encouragement and  implementation, they can grow and develop their skills and abilities. It is extremely rewarding to me seeing your children grow and especially being a part of their journey and development through life, by doing my hardest to create and think of new experiences and activities your child can have here at Little Gems. I look forward to meeting yourself and your children and getting to know you all!

Lady Bugs Room – 15 months to 2.5 years

Danielle – Educator –  In Child Care Since 2012 – Studying Diploma

Hello my name is Danielle. I was born and raised in Hervey Bay, I attended Urangan State High School where I completed and graduated in 2008. I completed my Certificate lll in Children Services in 2011 and am currently studying my Diploma in Early Childhood and Education Care. I have been in the childcare industry for the past 5 years and since working I have loved being an educator in a childcare environment. In this time I’ve had the ability to learn, grow, guide and support within the childcare industry. My goal as an educator is to provide children with a rich environment where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning, and feel free to express themselves. I aim to provide a loving, caring, safe and home-like environment that is welcoming of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and family situations. An environment where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, respected, supported and comfortable to approach myself and each other to contribute to the room, service and community. Where partnerships and friendships can be formed and maintained, lines of communication are always open and valued, help can be sought and sourced without judgement being cast, trust and credibility can be built, maintained and grow, and confidentiality is held in the up most respect. A service that has a commitment to provide high quality care and education and one that will continue to reflect upon its practices and beliefs to reflect the current needs of the community. I look forward to working with all the children and there families within the centre.

Bumble Bees Room – 2 to 3 years

Essie – Lead Educator – In Child Care Since 2017 – Certificate III Qualified – Studying Diploma

My name is Essie, I have my Certificate III in Children Services and I am currently studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. I graduated at Aldridge State High School in 2014 and completed one and a half years of work placement at a local child Care Centre during this time.  I began working in the childcare industry in 2016 and have loved every minute of it. My passion is working with children as I love watching them develop and helping them learn new things every day. I am a very friendly, easy-going person and I look forward to meeting you and your children.

Gabby – Educator – In Child Care Since 2002- Certificate III Qualified

My name is Gabby and I have been working in the Child Care industry since 2002 and obtained my Certificate III in Children’s Services through a Traineeship in 2003. I have experience working as an educator in various age groups and centres. I find working with Toddlers both rewarding and satisfying, helping them develop and grow. I also enjoy implementing new ideas to encourage children’s learning and play. I am a mother of 2 young children who also attend Little Gems with me. I look forward to getting to know you and your children and working with you in partnership with you on their journey.

Dragonflies Room – 3 to 4 years

Rebecca N – Lead Educator –  In Child Care Since 2004 – Diploma Qualified

My name is Rebecca and I’m a Lead Educator at Little Gems. I have been working in the child care industry for the past 13 years. I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services while working through a traineeship which I completed in 2006, after completing this I then continued further with my studies by completing my diploma in 2008 and advanced diploma in early 2009 just before the birth of my first child. I then took a little break from working in centre based care to working from home doing family day care for the past six and a half years until both of my children had started school this year. I find working with children to be both challenging and enjoyable as children are always growing, developing and teaching me new things every day. I am looking forward to working with both you and your family during your time spent at Little Gems.

Grasshoppers Room – 4 to 5 years – QLD Government Approved Kindergarten Program

Theresa – Early Childhood Teacher –  In Child Care Since 2000 – Bachelor Qualified

I have been in the child care industry for the past 17 years. I started my Certificate III in community services (child care) in 2000 when I left school; once completed I went on to study my Diploma in community service in 2003, during this time I worked full time as a Lead Educator.  In 2008, I decided that I was going to study my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) which I completed in December 2012. I have lived in Maryborough most of my life, but moved away for a brief time and lived in MT. Isa then Mackay and moved back to Maryborough to be closer to my family. I got married in 2010 to Trevor and we are lucky to have 2 children Aden and Chloe. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends on the weekends. I have chosen child care as a career because I love seeing the children grow up around me and I think that as a child care worker we have the most important job because children do a lot of learning in their first 5 years. I believe I have the privilege of teaching the children in this most important stage of their lives. I have been working with children of the kindergarten age for the last 5 years and in this time, I have been getting the children ready for their big journey into their schooling lives. I enjoy working in this age group as I can see the children gaining all the skills that they need to get ready for their schooling journey. I work closely with the families so we can work together for the children to achieve the best outcome . I also have a close relationship with community members which I use to include community involvement into the curriculum.

Centre Support Educators

Sarah H – Educator –  In Child Care Since 2010 – Certificate III Qualified

My name is Sarah and I am an educator at Little Gems. I have two beautiful nephews and one beautiful niece who I love spending time with. I also love animals, travelling and I am an avid reader. I started working in child care in January 2010 where I started studying my Certificate III in Children’s Services which I completed in 2012.  I have a strong passion for working with children and helping them reach their full potential. My aim is to help assist and guide children with their journey through their early years. I wish to inspire their learning through their interests and imaginations. I look forward to getting to know you and your family here at Little Gems.

Sarah G – Educator –  1 Year in Child Care – Certificate III Qualified

My name is Sarah and I am an Educator here at Little Gems. I have my Certificate III in Children Services which I obtained in 2014. Outside of my work I dedicate my time to my sports. I am the captain of my women’s soccer team, I also coach the under 6’s and under 7’s team and am the first female to coach at this level in my club. I also train for Athletics where I compete in 13 different sports. Over the years I have represented Maryborough, Wide Bay, Fraser Coast and Queensland in both sports. In conjunction with work and sport I am also a Girls Brigade Leader. I have been in the Girls Brigade for 12 years since joining when I was a little girl. I have a group of 10 girls who are all completely different in their ways, starting out as juniors I am lucky enough to watch the girls grow into young adults and see them chase and fulfil their dreams and goals. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I am always around children. I find working with children both challenging and rewarding but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rebecca E –  Educator – 1st Year in Child Care – Certificate III Qualified

My name is Rebecca and I’m an Educator at Little Gems. I have completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services in 2016. I believe that all children should learn in a happy and safe environment. I will contribute to their care by showing each child and their family respect, care, compassion and give them a sense of community. I find working with young children extremely rewarding. I enjoy the challenges that can sometimes be presented, along with the day to day tasks involved with working within the Early Childhood Environment. My interests and hobbies include working out at the gym, long distance running, Oz Tag and supporting my favourite NRL team. I look forward to sharing your child’s learning journey together at Little Gems Child Care.

Rebecca M -  Educator - In Child Care Since  -  Qualified

Phi -  Educator - In Child Care Since  2017 - Certificate III Qualified