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Curriculum at Little Gems Early Learning Albany Creek

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Little Gems Early Learning & Childcare, Albany Creek, aims to provide an enriching curriculum that extends and enriches children’s learning. The Early Years Learning Framework says that a curriculum is – “all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in the environment designed to foster children’s learning and development” (source – EYLF document, pg 9). Our curriculum encompasses all of this and much more. We collaborate with families, guide children’s learning and extend on the children’s own interpretations and imaginary play. This is a continuing process of collecting evidence and information, identifying the development of learning and reflecting upon our daily practices.
Little Gems learning stories are designed to encourage children to be actively involved in their own learning process. This will enable them to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The learning stories are displayed daily and weekly for all parents to see, each child also has their own learning journal that is available for parents to see at any time.

Kindergarten Curriculum and Program:

Little Gems offers a Queensland Government approved Kindergarten Program. The program offers parents and children a program that enriches and fosters their learning whilst still having the flexibility of days and hours to suit each families requirements.
The Kindergarten Program:

  • Implemented and run by a University Qualified Early Childhood Teacher
  • Current teacher is also internationally trained and Emilio Reggio trained and has 18 years of early childhood experience
  • Curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines
  • Program offered is for a minimum of 15 hours per week. We run our program for 48 weeks of the year.
  • Provides greater flexibility for families, as the centre operates 52 weeks a year from 6.30am to 6.30pm
  • Kindergarten program runs from 9am – 3pm each day

For more information on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, please click here
Please see our centre director or early childhood teacher for more information in regards to our current curriculum and learning outcomes.

Little Gems Centre Philosophy:

At Little Gems Albany Creek, we believe we are at the very start of a child’s journey of self-discovery. We aim to encourage this journey by providing an environment where each child feels love, security, a sense of belonging and time to “just be”. We believe it is important to allow children time to learn through play. Play based learning allows children to discover, investigate, explore, problem solve, imagine, improvise and make mistakes. Play encourages children’s imaginations, allowing them to come up with their own ideas, solve problems, improve social relationships, and build a sense of belonging. Children are offered a relaxed and less structured environment to increase their willingness to explore and learn on their own terms rather than as dictated by a set curriculum. A safe and challenging environment is provided where educators are active participants. We believe that each day in a child’s life is an opportunity to learn something new. Through our early learning framework, we will provide the groundwork for children’s future success – providing opportunities to reach their potential.

For more on our centre philosophy please click here.